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Voice Of Our Women Employees

Kirty Agarwal

Our Group has positive values and goal oriented approach. At work, I follow my passion and firmly believe that if we challenge the convention, we can overcome any roadblock, I would like to encourage all my female colleagues that we should leverage equal opportunity policy and make a successful career path for ourselves.

Kirty AgarwalBusiness Operations

Palak Agarwal

In our Group women and men are on equal footing in terms of accepting new ideas & recognizing contribution. While the organization and leaders are eliminating bias through supporting and empowering female employees; it is also the duty of women employees to work with an equivalent zeal and passion.

Palak Agarwal(M&A}

Garima Jain

Women receive incredible support from the company to grow & accelerate. They never face any gender discrimination & always closely monitor to ensure they are equally fostered & advancing regardless of race or gender.

Garima JainAccounts & MIS

Christelle Dal Cason

Since I joined Jindal, I’ve been given the opportunity to nurture my professional career development by finding a role in the company that suits my interests and abilities. There are growth opportunities for those who strive for excellence, regardless of gender. The organization is very multicultural and with offices across the world we get to interact with colleagues from various nationalities and cultural background, which is also another interesting facet of working for Jindal Films.

Christelle Dal CasonExecutive Business Manager (JFE)

Regina Horstmann

There are many exciting jobs in the packaging industry, as this combines technical, commercial and decorative aspects. New market requirements like sustainability and recyclability of the packaging are currently initiating a complete change of packaging technology. Smart people are needed for driving this technology change, regardless of gender.At Jindal Films, the best results are achieved in modern, diverse teams where different experiences and individual backgrounds come together. Let's work together to create the future of flexible packaging.

Regina HorstmannBusiness Development Manager (JFE)